Corporate Lawyer in India- Changing the Face of Corporate Law

10 Jun 2018

Those days have long gone when robe clad and litigation barristers were the face of Indian law. Times have greatly changes and now the scene is such that the practice of corporate law in India has become truly international. This is mainly because India has made its way into the list of the fastest growing economies in the world. It is also because India is a signatory to the World Trade Organization. The yesteryear legal areas like practice in forums and courts and arbitration still exist but there are equally a large number of other practice areas in the sector of corporate law like acquisitions and mergers, joint ventures, company restructuring, capital markets, real estate, business collaborations, tie-ups and intellectual property.

The Inclusions of the Corporate Law Sector in India

The corporate law sector of India not only consists of a corporate lawyer in India or a corporate advocate in India but even corporate houses, firms and banks. The sector includes jobs in international law, banking, intellectual property, taxation and environment law fields. Contract drafting and negotiation serves as the backbone of corporate law in India. Along with this, it is also important for the corporate lawyers to possess perfect argumentative skills and excellent communication personality. Promising areas for the corporate lawyers include media laws, real estate laws and competition laws.

Role and Responsibility of a Corporate Lawyer

If you are thinking of becoming a role model corporate lawyer in India then it is important for you to have some special abilities to gain success. These abilities include being an ideal business consultant, deal maker and arbitrator. As a corporate advocate in India, you will have to create water-tight agreements and even guarantee your clients that they will not return unsatisfied from the court house. The main duties of corporate lawyers and advocates in India include:

  • Understanding the regulations and the laws for helping companies and clients in working within legal boundaries.
  • Ensuring the legality of all business transactions and practices.
  • Ensuring the viabilities of all commercial transactions
  • Offering advice to companies on their legal duties and rights along with the responsibilities and duties of the officers and employers.
  • Maintaining confidentiality between a company and its clients.
  • Legal drafting, negotiating deals and reviewing contracts
  • Conducting meetings with clients
  • Handling internal legal activities of a company with no litigation work.
  • Assisting eternal lawyers of a company in different legal issues


There are independent corporate lawyers and then there are corporate law firms offering their services to companies across India. The change that has taken place in the face of corporate law in India has been highly beneficial for the common people.

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