Everything That You Should Know About Logo Registration and Trademark Registration in Delhi

31 Dec 2014

Trademark registration in Delhi is done according to the government’s laws and regulations of India. A trademark is a significant method that indicates source, affiliation, sponsorship or other rights of the goods and services. Trademarks and logos are the types of intellectual property. They can be a name, design, phrase, word, symbol, image or a collection of elements. Various companies provide these trademark and logo services at an affordable price. Experts at any tax advocate company are well-skilled and experienced enough to meet your expectations in a very appropriate manner. This is a perfect and easiest way to safeguard your property. Also, logos and trademarks maintain the uniqueness of your property.

Logo registration in every country is done on the basis of various laws and regulations. Logo and trademark registration can be filed either alone or together with the help of a legal representative of the law. There are various documents that are required for further processing. Trademark and logo registration is a very complicated process that is needed to be done with the help of a good attorney or an expert of this field. The expert will be able to guide you through the entire process of patent registration. Trademark registration offices in Delhi are established under the surveillance of ministry of commerce and industry. Trademark office looks after the various policies and provisions that are important for the grant of the trademark.

The most important point to be noted regarding trademark and logo registration in Delhi is that trademark registration and logo registration confers on the right of monopoly to the proprietor. Under this, the use of any symbol or mark of your trademark or logo is restricted for other businesses or organizations. Perhaps, during trademark and logo registration one should remember that surnames, descriptive words and geographical names are not considered as prima facie. This is written under section 9 of Indian trade and merchandise Act, 1958.

Trademark and logo should be specific, distinctive and unique i.e. it should not be similar to any other product’s logo or trademark. In the case of same marks or logos of similar goods or services used by the proprietor, whether registered or not; difficulties will arise if the already registered user chose to oppose your registration.

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