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13 Jul 2018

Tax Advocate India provides a wide range of income tax services, management and internal audits, payroll management, foreign investment approvals and other statutory compliances that need to be taken care of by various companies who are currently working or wish to operate in India. It is managed by the certified professionals with the aim of providing a vast range of finance-related services to their clients.     

What do we do?

We aspire to be recognized as a quality service provider within India by working efficiently and in an effective way. We offer Society Registration in Delhi where the memorandum is to be filled in which the name of the society, its aims and objectives, occupation and address of its members must be declared.

The Indian Societies Registration Act was implemented in India in 1860 and it should be properly registered. It is formed by 7 people who are literate, humble and who could control the company logically. All the information that is stated at the time of declaration must also is approved by the other constituting members of the society.     

We also provide NGO Registration in New Delhi so that you can easily establish an NGO with our NGO registration services. There are procedures and certain laws involved in order to start an NGO and it is registered in accordance with the Societies Registration Act 1860. It plays a very important part between the government and the common people and is a must for smooth running of the democracy.   

We look Partnership Registration New Delhi which states that the firm can be registered at any time and it is not necessary during its commencement. The application for partnership registration should hold the name of the firm, place of business and also mention the dates on which various partners collaborated and their names and addresses. The firm’s duration should also be mentioned in the application and it should be later signed and verified by all the business partners.      


We always strive hard to meet up the needs and requirements of our clients and prove to be a beneficiary support whenever required. To know further details on the same, connect with our customer support representative today. You can also visit our website to get to know more information about us. We look forward to working with you and solve all your registration related issues. 

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