Information on Company Registration in India

03 Oct 2016

There are companies and companies all around us in India. When we see so many companies around us, many of us wonder if Company incorporation in India is such an easy job. While we would not say it is easy to start a company in India, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has simplified many procedures to help India’s commerce flourish with more startup companies. However, as a safety measure and in the interest of the economy of the country, the Ministry has laid down some formalities to be completed before registering a new start-up in India. Basically, Ministry of Corporate Affairs is responsible for Company registration in India. Everything that needs to be done for opening a start-up business and registering the same can be carried out online nowadays.

When it comes to Company Formation in India, irrespective of whether the Company to be formed is a Private one or a Public one, some basic formalities need to be followed and forms to be filled in as per the requirement. This is basically for collecting all pertinent information about the new company, its people and plans. Section 3 of Companies Act, 1956 insists in registering Companies and gives them a legal status once they are registered.

The Company registration procedure involves 4 major steps.

1. Create an account in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs portal

  • Creating an account in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs Portal is the basic step
  • Only after this is done can the other 3 steps follow

2. Director Identification Number

  • After creating the log-in in the official website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, get the DIN (Director Identification Number) for all the existing Directors and anticipated to be Directors by filling in the DIN-1 Form for the purpose
  • Each and every Director must ensure that their Identification number is intimated to their Company through the DIN-2 Form
  • After receiving every Director’s Identification Number through the DIN-2 Form, the Company must then inform the Registrar of Corporate (ROC) about the receipt of all the Director’s DIN using DIN-3 Form available for the purpose
  • DIN-4 Form is provided for intimating the Registrar of Corporate about changes in any of the Director’s address and other details.

3. Getting the Digital Signature Certificate

  • The Information Act 2000 insists on Electronic signature to be used on all the documents
  • Apply for a Digital Signature Approval to Controller of Certification Agency.
  • This is a crucial step since any approval received from fake agencies will put you in trouble.
  • Go through genuine agencies and get your Digital Signature Certificate

4. Apply for Company Registration

  • The final step in registering your Company is to fill in Form 1, Form 1-A, Form 18 and Form 32 on all aspects
  • Submit the completely filled in forms to Registrar of Corporate and within 10 days you may get intimation about their objections or acceptance of your Application Form for registering your Company

This is a simple 4 step procedure from where you can get the company registration done in India. If this sounds like a tough job to you, there are various CAs and companies, who can do it for you.

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