Legal Advice on Company Registration and Firm Registration

21 May 2016

When we avail any kind of service we pay a bit more than the actual amount. For example when we go out for a dinner in a restaurant then we a pay a bill in which we pay for the food we eat plus some tax for the service provided in the restaurant like waiters and seating etc. this little amount is called service tax. Any company which is providing services has to pay this service tax to the government and the company can charge it from the consumer.

Documents required for service tax registration in Delhi

It is mandatory for every service providing company owner to register and pay service tax on time. Let’s start with the documents which are required for the registration of the service tax in Delhi:

  1. A copy of PAN card.
  2. A copy of lease/rental agreement of the area or premises.
  3. A write-up narrating about the type of service provided
  4. 4. In case of a company it is required; you have the copy of board resolution.
  5. A copy of MOA or AOA for companies.
  6. Proof of residence.

An overview of the online registration process of service tax 

For service tax registration in Delhi you can approach a legal service consultant to do it on your behalf or you can do it yourself by filling form and related documents online. SO, let’s take a brief overview how you can do it online. First go to the official website of ACES, then register yourself on it by providing the basic personal details along with a valid e-mail ID. You can do it by clicking on Service tax option and then creating an account under the same. After successful submission of registration form you will receive an e-mail with a password in it. You can use this password to open the newly registered account on the website of ACES.

After it, you will gain access to form ST-1. Fill this form by providing asked details and submit it online. After submitting it, get a printout of the submitted form and send it to the related commissionerate.  While filling the form St-1 online user has to fill the name of the commissionerate heshe registering with. And the hard copy of filled form has to be sent in that commissionerate only.

It is a brief overview of how you can register for service tax in Delhi. You need to have detailed knowledge to do the process accurately.

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