NGO Consultancy – Complete Guide!

07 Sep 2015

An NGO consultancy offers training, solutions and advice, to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) across the globe. Consultancy services include legal advice, assessments, organizational structure and project advices. They offer their services to both international and national NGOs, only if the NGO is able or willing to pay for their services. Experienced people in the world of non-government organizations are the ones who run the NGO consultancy. There are numerous reasons for which NGOs are created. These can be either social or political, or can be long or short time projects. They are neither completely a government departments nor an independent and profit driven businesses, they fall in the middle of both. Most NGOs run on government funds, hence, are not profit making organizations. NGO consultancy offers variety of services which can be divided basically into four sectors: –

•    Organization
•    Training
•    Finance
•    Project management

While Organizational assistance and advice are likely for new NGOs, but can also be helpful for NGOs which are running for some time now, but wish to function more resourcefully. Services are likely to focus first on structure, with the aim to ensuring that the NGO functions well, has the required systems and needed employees are in place, and are performing its job that it was supposed to do effectively. Consultancy also helps the NGO to focus on its mission and vision. Other organizational help presented by consultancies includes organizational culture development and improvement planning. What comes next is the Training advice which is divided into two sections. First, making an effective training plan for upper management who are running the organizations and, second, training the employees to do their jobs. From building team spirit to recruitment policy, training covers almost all the aspects of an NGO. Other training schemes look towards strategies and methods for fundraising along the while improving the communication as well as networking strategies.

The main focus of financial advice from an NGO consultancy is on areas such as accounting. Consultancy financial advice works in the department of getting tax exemptions as well as techniques of managing account. They also offer legal advice to NGOs. Project management covers the planning, implementation and assessment of a specific project in the field. Project management often includes planning and assessment of ongoing projects. Numerous NGO consultancies also work with fund donors. When the donor is looking to invest in a NGO, they help donors in risk assessment.

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