Procedure And Charges For Company Registration In India

04 Nov 2016

Registering a Company in India is a simple procedure since all steps to be followed for the same has been laid out in a clear cut manner by the concerned Ministry. Company Registration in India is dependent on many factors that are external and internal to the Company and any business entity that satisfies all the set norms becomes eligible to be registered under the Company Registration Act of India. We will have a more detailed look about the procedure and charges concerned for registering a company in India

The basic factor

The cost of registering a company in India is mainly dependant on the share capital invested in the same. Where the share capital is low, registration cost tends to be low and where the same is high, registration cost tends to increase in the appropriate manner.

The first and foremost requirement to be met to register a company in India is to take the help of a Chartered Accountant who will be able to guide you through the complete process end to end.

Factors That Decide The Registration Cost Of A Company

Four main factors decide the cost of registering a company in India. They are as follows

  1. Stamp duty to be paid during the registration of the Company
  2. Number of Directors on the board of the Company
  3. Professional fee to be paid to the Company Secretary or the Chartered Accountant
  4. Authorized share capital to be invested initially

Stages Involved In Company Registration Process

To start a new business in India the first and foremost step is to complete some official procedures in order to register the company in the Indian official records. It is very necessary to get registered to run your business without any legal problems. MCA (ministry of Corporate Affairs) has made the registration process online so it is very easy for the entrepreneurs to register their business in India without visiting the corporate office. Just by sitting at home you can easily register your business the processes.

There are many stages involved in Company Registration Process and they are enlisted below

Obtaining the DSC or Digital Signature Certificate

Digital signature certificate is important tk obtain according to the Information Act 2000 to ensure the authenticity of the documents that are filed electronically.

Getting the DIN – Director Identification Number

It is important to obtain the Director Identification number by the director of the company. There are 3 DIN pins that are required to be obtained for different purpose.

Getting the Name of the Company approved by the Ministry of Affairs

After the DIN is obtained, next the company needs to get a approval certificate by the Ministry of Affairs in lieu of which the company would not deemed to be registered.

Registration of the Company

Finally the company after acquiring the letter of incorporation can start its business.

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