Reasons to Hire a Tax Lawyer

08 Aug 2015

Being a small business owner, does it require you to hire a tax lawyer of your own? Well, a normal answer says that it depends on the scope of your business and complexity of operations and tax filing to judge that. The question also arises, is your business successful enough to afford the tax lawyer?

Save your money from the tax authorities by hiring the tax lawyer instead and minimizing mistakes while filing tax returns and other tax payments. Here are reasons to hire a tax lawyer in Delhi, India:

  1. Saves time

Tax lawyers being professional in the field; know the tax laws and codes by heart. Why waste time in understanding them when you can put time in making your business more successful and in something productive. Leave the task to tax lawyer.

  1. Different state and local tax rules

This will make it more confusing for you than ever. Different states means different obligations triggering with different activities according to where they take place. For instance, any company may reside in one city, but its operations and sales would be widespread in different cities, in such cases, it becomes difficult to calculate tax according to their respective rules. Hiring a tax lawyer will can lessen your tax burden to a great extent.

  1. Employer or employee?

Are you an employee or employer, if you are in the business solely? May be both, maybe not. Understand your position according to the tax laws as there are different tax consequences for an employer and an employee. Don’t get messed up in this. Hire a good tax attorney and he would be well versed with such situations and will know better.

  1. Know your deductions well

Save your income by knowing your tax deductions and income that is exempted from tax. There would be deductible business expenses you would have no idea about. Hire a tax lawyer and let him take in charge of certain things and you will be benefitted more in return.

  1. Avoid giving lame excuses to tax authorities

Saying ‘I didn’t know’ will not probably save you from paying lumps of taxes to the authorities. Laws related to taxes change frequently under the Income tax Act, 1956 and it’s not possible to be acquainted with them every time as this is not your sole concern altogether. Divide your responsibility and hire a tax lawyer to help you out from such situations.

Hiring a tax lawyer in Delhi, India will help you save your money a lot!

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