Society and NGO Registration In Delhi

17 Nov 2014

Societies and NGOs are registered in India under the Societies registration Act 1860. This act is made is for protecting the interests of the society that are laid under section 1 to 20. This act works for betterment of the legal conditions of societies. The societies that are registered under this act are legally protected and acquire a legal status.

India’s capital city, Delhi is best for setting up NGO’s for any of the developmental and other purposes due to its vastness and has emerged as a perfect site for construction. In the same way, Delhi is a right place for NGO’s headquarters whose branches are operated all over India. Being the capital city, NGO at the same time has the benefit of receiving aids from the Union government. NGO registration in Delhi makes them work systematically without any sort of danger. NGOs can be registered in India as a society, a trustee or a private limited company under the section 25 of the Societies Registration act.

The simple procedure that should be followed by any organization to get registered under the act is:

  • A registration form is to be filled that can be bought from the district registrar’s office without any charge.
  • The society or NGO should have a memorandum of association of its own wherein the rules and regulations of the organization should be laid on.
  • The managing committee should be ready for the registration and for the evidence the consent letters of each of the member should be submitted.
  • The letter of authority that should be signed by each member of managing committee is required.
  • Certified copy of rules and regulations by at least three of the members of managing committee is essential.
  • A declaration is required stating that the funds of the organization are only used for the welfare of the society.
  • The duplicate copies of all the above mentioned documents need to be submitted along with the required registration fee.

Make sure before registering that no other society or NGO is registered under the same name in the state.

Renewal procedure for the registration

The NGO’s and Societies registration in Delhi need to renew their registration certificate very five years. For this a new renewal registration form is to be filled by the managing committee.

The renewal fee is also to be paid same as the registration fee in case the period is not over. In case, the period has run out, additional fee of 25 is to be paid if renewal is done within one month of expired date.

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