Trademark Registration: Process and Importance

29 Apr 2018

Trademark Registration is an important process to consider if you are planning to establish a consumer-based business. Apart from providing a face to your business, the trademark also shows that you take your business seriously and want to have a transparent approach while serving your customers. So, make sure to get your trademark registered as the first priority while establishing a business. 


Apart from giving your business a recognition, a trademark for your business also provides a lot more benefits that you can avail by applying for it. Let us have a look at some of the major benefits that a trademark registration in Delhi can provide to you and your business.


• Provides you the exclusive rights


• It provides you a recognition


• Enhance your reputation and image among the customers


So, these were a few benefits that a trademark can provide to you. However, to avail these benefits, you need to first apply for it. If you are in Delhi, then you can follow these steps to get a trademark for your business.  


• Step 1: Get an ideal trademark to represent your business 


The first step involved in registering a trademark is to design a trademark that clearly relates to your business. For this, you can either hire a trademark designer or look for the trademarks of similar business houses to get an idea for your trademark. Just make sure that your trademark is unique so that your application can be processed easily. So, get a great looking and clear trademark for business and then proceed to the next and actual step of trademark registration. 


• Step 2: Search for the registered agents in your area 


Once you have a trademark ready with you, the next thing you should do is to search for a reliable agent for trademark registration. For this, you can either search for them online or ask your acquaintances. By this, you can easily find a reliable agent who can help you register your trademark without much hassle. 


• Step 3: Keep the required documents handy


Before starting the registration process, make sure that you have all the required documents. For this, you can ask the agent about these documents, and in case you don’t have some of the required documents, then we would suggest to first apply for those documents and then apply for the trademark registration. 


Apart from the above-listed steps, you can also apply for the trademark through the official website of the Indian government. Although it is a simpler way to apply for a trademark, it takes more time than the procedure listed before. So, it is totally up to you that which procedure you opt for, you can be assured of getting an authentic trademark registration. 


Just make sure that you rely on an trademark consultant in New Delhi while applying for trademark registration and you can get other services like company registration and others from him at a discounted price. So, what are you waiting for? Just get yourself a trademark, and apply to associate it with your business right through.  

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