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11 Jan 2018

The latest and the biggest tax reform that our country has witnessed is the GST i.e., the Goods and Services Tax. The prime motive behind this implementation is to bring about a greater extent of development. GST came into effect on 1st July 2017. The bills that are associated with GST are (CGST) Central GST, (UTGST) Union Territory GST, Bill to Compensate States, (UTGST) Union Territory GST.


The GST implementation came with a few challenges and confusions for almost all the businesses- the best assistance for the same can be provided by the Tax Consultants in Dwarka, Delhi.


What exactly is the role of a GST Tax consultant?


A GST practitioner is an individual who is certified by the government in order to carry out various activities related to taxation on behalf of the individuals or the businesses liable to pay taxes. Some of the key roles of a GST expert are as follows: -

  • Presenting the application for a new GST registration.
  • Implement changes or provide for cancellation of any registration.
  • Furnish details about outward or inward supplies.
  • Making various payments such as tax, interest, fees, penalty etc.
  • Filing GST returns- monthly, quarterly, annually or final.
  • File refund claim.
  • Filing an appeal towards the Appellate Tribunal and Appellate Authority.


Who can practice as a GST Consultant?


Some mandatory characteristics of a GST practitioner are as follows: -

  • General

He/ She should be an Indian resident, must be insolvent and should not have been held for any crime that involves jail for more than 2 years. 

  • Educational

The individual should be a retired officer from the state/ central Commercial Tax Department of excise and customs. Also, he/ she should be a Group B gazetted officer at least who has served for a minimal of 2 years.




Holds a graduation/post graduation degree in Commerce, Banking, Law, auditing, business administration or management from any recognized college or university.


The primary benefit of hiring the, Delhi is that they are experts in their work and help you to simplify various complexities associated with the GST returns.


They enable you to file your returns on time in order to avoid any sort of penalties and also deal with the taxation activities in a professional way. GST Consultants also help you to resolve any queries in this regard and also make you understand any GST related changes that are likely to occur in the near future.

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