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What is GST?

GST is a break-through in the taxation system as India progresses towards a highly structured system. Instead of falling prey to the multiple taxation systems, GST has brought in a new era which ensures that taxation system becomes logical, easy to understand and well structured.

Goods and Services Tax is all set to bring about the most desired positive change into the Indian scenario since independence. Previously, the Central Government used to levy excise duty on manufacturing and service tax on the services supplied. State governments as well could levy a sales tax or VAT (Value Added Tax) on various goods sold. These created a complicated taxation structure which has been done away with the introduction of GST. GST registrations in India are mandatory for all trading that fall under certain conditions and criteria. Get in touch for GST Advocate in India along with GST registrations in India, GST registrations in Delhi, GST consultants in India, GST consultants in Delhi

Being a new introduction placed against the aforesaid age old multiple taxation systems; GST often is a matter of concern and creates doubts in minds of many people. Therefore, GST Consultants in Delhi are available to clarify and explain all doubts regarding GST.

Multiple Taxation v/s GST- explained

Multiple Taxation

  • Previously, there used to be no uniformity of tax rates across the country and states.
  • Cascading of taxes happened due to mounting up of taxes at each level
  • There used to be no credit of excise duty and service tax paid during manufacturing or supply stage available to the traders when VAT used to be paid and also the other way round.
  • State Taxes paid in one state wouldn’t have been credited.
  • All these had amounted to blown up taxes


  • Central idea is to avoid multiple imposing of taxes and make a uniform standardized taxation system. The Central and State government will levy GST simultaneously on every supply of goods and services at the same base.
  • CGST - Center would levy as well as collect the Central Goods and Services tax on intrastate supply.
  • SGST - States would levy and collect the State Goods and Services Tax for transactions made within the state.
  • IGST – Integrated Goods and Services Tax would be levied and collected by the center for all Inter State supply or goods and services having been distributed with the state concerned.

A variety of questions related to GST arise in everybody’s minds and it’s completely natural. GST consultants in Dwarka and GST Advocate in Delhi India are here to answer all your questions and make it a cake walk for you.

Go through the following to get answers to your questions –

Taxes Replaced by GST

  • Central excise duty
  • Additional duties of excise
  • Excise duties levied under Medicinal and Toiletries Preparation Act
  • Additional duties of custom (SAD and CVD)
  • Services tax
  • Surcharges and Cess
  • State Vat/ Sales Tax
  • Central Sales Tax
  • Purchase Tax
  • Entertainment Tax (not levied by the local bodies)
  • Luxury Tax
  • Entry Tax (All forms)
  • Taxes on lottery, betting, and gambling
  • Surcharges & Cess


Goods and Services excluded from GST

  • Alcohol for human consumption - State Excise plus VAT
  • Electricity - Electricity Duty
  • Real Estate - Stamp Duty plus Property Taxes
  • Petroleum Products (to be brought under GST from date to be notified on
    Recommendation of GST Council)


E-Registration of GST

Data collection for the existing registered dealers under VAT, excise and service tax laws has already been initiated by the e-government. This will auto register under GST law and will require no further compliance. The new registrations will follow the key features as under –

  • An easy Pan card registration process
  • A GST identification number which is a simple 15 digit common identification number (GSTIN) will be allotted to the applicant.
  • Registration guaranteed in case no query is raised within 3 days
  • In certain cases, a verification may be raised by the department after the registration process


Application of GST

When turn-over of services and supply of goods is 9 lakhs then the tradesman should register for GST and the threshold of tax payment is 10 lakhs. In certain cases irrespective of the threshold or aggregate value the GST has to be paid.

  • Persons doing business with inter-state supply
  • Persons who need to pay taxes under reverse tax mechanism
  • Casual taxable persons; people who occasionally do transactions which involve supply of goods and services either as principal agent or as in any other role without any fixed place of business
  • Non-resident taxable persons
  • Persons doing business by supplying goods or rendering services using the e-commerce platform
  • Job workers who supply goods through completion of his work

There may be various aspects of GST which may require further clarifications. All these and more can be handled by GST Consultants in Delhi and GST Consultants in Dwarka. GST Registrations in India are mandatory and therefore GST Advocate in Delhi, India can be of most help to handle all queries and the process.


Benefits of GST

The main aim is to create a single market by eliminating barriers between states. The different layers of government are empowered to levy taxes which have to be removed by amending the Constitution. This single step will remove all barriers between states and the center.

  • A very simple tax structure will be followed.
  • A unified market will lower business costs and hassles of multiple taxing.
  • Export businesses get the benefit as it’s not applied to goods that go out of India.
  • Prices will get lowered due to lower tax burdens.
  • More transparency and better compliance can be brought in by this system.


Consumers will be benefitted in two ways which are as under –

  1. At the point of consumption taxes have to be paid which will have full transparency and it will include both central government and state government taxes.
  2. Consumers will have full clarity and faith that blown up taxes are not being imposed.


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