NGO Consultant in Janakpuri

NGO’s play a vital role in educational growth of the state, they help in spreading social awareness and humanity in the society. But there are many NGO’s who struggle with legal issues and are not able to take advantage of the opportunities available to them. Most of the NGO’s are also not aware of the fact that the government and many foreign funding agencies provides funds for the purpose of taking up welfare activities for the underprivileged section of the society due to which such agencies are not able to pursue programmes and projects in their chosen sector. Most of them are not able to get their NGO registered.

NGO registration Janakpuri at Tax Advocate India provides legal services to Non-Government Organizations. We provide consultancy services on project report, legal and technical and fund raising aspects for NGO’s.

NGO consultant Janakpuri is a team of dedicated experts who provide world class services to NGO’s in the city.

Struggling to get your society registered, contact tax advocate India for society registration in Janakpuri. We also provide trust consultant in Janakpuri for other registration matters.

We work as a link between NGO’s working in different part of the city and donor agencies. We provide support system to voluntary organisations in the field of project identification, design implementation, and sustainability.

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